DIY Grid Hybrid Power: How Much Does it Cost?

DIY Grid Hybrid Power: How Much Does it Cost?

Grid Hybrid SystemExtreme weather patterns have brought uncertainty about the reliability of utility power.

Blackouts and brown outs are more frequent and longer in duration, causing potentially significant disruptions in our daily lives. How can you maintain the comfort and conveniences electricity provides, even when the grid goes down? Grid Hybrid power provides you with the benefits of utility power when it is available and the peace of mind of having power when it is not.

Grid Hybrid systems typically include batteries and/or a generator, and may also include solar. But how much does this cost? It depends on what exactly you want powered during an outage and for how long, and every home has different needs. This makes it difficult to provide an estimate without this information. To help answer this question, we have created the document ‘DIY Grid Hybrid Power: How Much Does it Cost?’. In the document we have outlined a handful of different ballpark estimates as well as answering common questions such as:

  • What Size System Do I Need?
  • Can I Run My Entire House with my Backup Power?
  • How Much Should I Budget for DIY Grid Hybrid Solar?

The guide also provides some estimates based on the system size, the essential power loads that it can power, and for how long. Read our free guide: