Help Us Preserve The Solar Industry in Washington

Help Us Preserve The Solar Industry in Washington

The future of solar in Washington is in jeopardy. To protect it, we need your help. 

Please make a donation to WASEIA today, so we can ensure a prosperous and vibrant solar industry tomorrow.

As may know, net metering is a key policy that makes solar financially viable. Many utilities are approaching (or have exceeded) the minimum amount of one-to-one net metering of solar energy required by law. They are now in the process of deciding if they will end or shift away from net metering. If this happens, the value of solar for your friends and neighbors, and all future solar customers, will be reduced and the pace of solar installations will drastically slow, threatening many thousands of living wage clean energy jobs in our state.

You may also be aware of the Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA), which was signed into law in 2019 and commits Washington State to an electricity supply free of greenhouse gas emissions by 2045. In order to ensure this happens, we must keep one-to-one net metering in place and move rooftop solar deployments forward as quickly as possible.

This is why the Washington Solar Energy Industry Association, (WASEIA) is pushing hard to increase the net metering cap in order to maintain the value of customer-generated renewable energy.

This is where you can help. We are up against corporate lobbyists with deep pockets. We need to raise funds in order to stand up for the rights of solar homeowners and win this battle in Olympia.

As a solar owner, you understand the value of solar and are a critical part of moving solar policy forward. Can you donate to this cause today?

Please help us preserve the solar industry in Washington and protect our environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions that are driving climate change.