Alex Fahad

Alex Fahad

Product and Design Consultant

Alex graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in engineering and minor in environmental studies. He says this is where he developed his passion for sustainable energy. While traveling after college Alex had the opportunity to work on a variety of unique projects. The most notable was an off grid solar array on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. The array powered a water pumping system that drew water out of a Cenoté (a deep natural well) to irrigate a wide variety of edible and ornamental crops.

Prior to joining FMS Alex ran his own handyman business, giving him extensive customer service experience and the chance to hone his problem solving skills.

Away from work Alex likes to hike in the mountains with his dog Sol, hunt for wild mushrooms, and spend time with friends drumming. He also enjoys gardening and building. One of his construction projects is building his own tiny home, where he plans to include modern sustainable technologies and green building practices.

Random fact about Alex

I have developed my own unique goose genetics and hatch healthy goslings yearly.