Warning Signs a Solar Contractor is Trying to Swindle You

Warning Signs a Solar Contractor is Trying to Swindle You

As with any industry, there is a spectrum of different companies that exist. While most companies are good intentioned, we have heard from who have been misled by incorrect information. Solar is an investment, so we are here to help you find a company who will not only protect your investment, but also who will help you achieve your solar goals.

Here are some things that a reputable solar installer wouldn’t say to you:

  • “We don’t need a permit for this.”
  • “You can take the 26% ITC on everything required for solar – even the re-roofing costs!”
  • “You will get cash back from the government for installing solar.”
  • “The more kWh production you have, the more benefits you receive.”
  • “Going off-grid is always a good, easy solution!”

In addition to these statements, you should beware of companies who also might:

  • Use aggressive or high-pressure door to door solar sales tactics.
  • Suggest installing solar on north-facing roofs.
  • Ads that claim ‘only in your area’ or limited time deals unless it is a Solarize campaign.
  • Claim free or zero down payment, or if they require a solar lease.
  • Suggest installing solar on a roof that will need to be replaced in less than 10 years.

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