We’re Hiring: Office and Marketing Administrator

We’re Hiring: Office and Marketing Administrator

Fire Mountain Solar LLC (FMS) is looking for a caring, energetic, loyal, smart person to join our company in a very important role – providing world-class service to our customers while also holding down the fort (i.e. running the back end & administrative side of the business).

Maybe this person is you.

FMS is one of the oldest leading solar energy companies in Washington state.  Since 2001, we have been providing the most effective solar and alternative power solutions to residential and commercial clients far and wide.  We offer full-service grid tie and off grid solar and power system solutions for clients throughout Washington state, and also consulting, design, technical support and products to do it yourself clients across the US, Canada, and beyond. ​

Feel free to check out our website for more info on who we are – www.firemountainsolar.com

Our clients and team members mean the world to us, which is why we need a dedicated Office and Marketing Administrator who is both a customer service rock star and who loves handling the administrative and social media side of our business. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes that you’ll be running.

Who Our Hero Will Be:

Our hero will work one-on-one with our customers to answer questions, proactively solve problems, and do everything possible to help them have a fantastic experience with FMS. S/he will also handle general administrative and marketing responsibilities

What Specific Superpowers are We Looking For?

  • You’re naturally a “people person”. You love dealing with and interacting with all kinds of people. You come across as sincere, warm and genuine. Caring is kinda your middle name (maybe literally).
  • You’re proactive and self-reliant. You are outstanding at following directions but also can think on your own, figure things out, and fill in the blanks when they’re missing. You don’t need super-specific details for every single little thing or need a lot of hand-holding or micromanaging.
  • You’re emotionally mature. You don’t get frazzled, defensive, easily overwhelmed, or take it personally when faced with adversity, deadlines, or conflict, and can maintain a cool head and help others when they’re experiencing them.
  • You’re an action taker and a strong finisher. You’re a self-starter and great at following-up and following-through to the very end of a project or task without needing someone to check in, micromanage, or look over your shoulder.
  • You’re conscientious and detail-oriented. You take great pride in your work and want things done right. You appreciate the details and process and you don’t cut corners to sacrifice quality. You’ve probably already found spelling or grammar errors in this posting.
  • You’re a “can do” problem solver and love helping others. You’re great at getting out in front of problems and enjoy proactively helping customers and co-workers with issues and challenges whenever (or ideally before) they arise.
  • You love life and smile a lot! You’re a genuinely happy person and it shows. You’re fun, energetic, positive, and optimistic and love sharing that joy with others.
  • You like working collaboratively as part of a tight-knit, fun and very busy team. This isn’t just about helping customers – it’s about making a difference and taking care of others. That may sound corny or an exaggeration but it’s 100% true. We want someone who deeply agrees with our values and recognizes the importance of their role in what we do as a company.

Still with me? Wonderful…there’s still a bit more. In addition to everything listed above (because that wasn’t enough right?), you should also…

  • Be fairly tech savvy with computers, the internet, and using software in general. We’re not expecting you to be a developer or programmer, but you should be pretty good with Excel, Word, Google Docs, social media, etc. and be a wizard at finding answers online. Knowledge of Knowledge of Photoshop, Teams, Sharpspring and/or WooCommerce would make us very, very excited.
  • Have super-high integrity and a track-record of being honest, dedicated, and loyal.
  • Be extremely organized and pay close attention to small details. We have to make sure things don’t fall through the cracks due to neglect or disorganization.
  • You’re an excellent writer and use proper grammar. You can communicate well.
  • Be flexible, able to adapt, and learn new things quickly. We are constantly evolving, improving, and finding better ways to do things. We need someone who can keep up and embrace change (or even help initiate change).
  • Be responsive, reliable, and trustworthy.
  • Have great interpersonal skills and a knack for making people feel understood, listened to, and cared for.

What Will You Be Doing?

Your position is two-fold in terms of its responsibilities.

In the “Customer Service” role, our Hero will be working regularly with our clients to make sure that their experience with FMS is nothing less than world class. You’ll be answering questions, solving problems, and helping create over-the-top satisfied clients.

Some of these duties will be “reactive” where you might be responding to emails, phone calls, etc., while others will be “proactive”, like writing customer thank you notes or making welcome calls to new customers. Since our Hero is likely to have the first significant contact and frequent ongoing communication with our customers, it’s crucial that you leave a phenomenal “Wow!” impression at every single encounter.

The second role of this position is the “Office Superhero” role. This means that you’ll be the glue that keeps the office and company together and moving forward. You’ll be doing things like file management, preparing routine correspondence, maintaining records, creatively posting to our social media accounts, consistently and accurately updating our website and shopping cart, assisting with marketing efforts and other tasks, entering leads into our CRM system for the sales team, and helping us organize better and be more efficient, etc.*

*Be sure to read our much less playful job description for more specifics about job duties and candidate requirements.

Hours and Pay

This position is full time 40 hours per week, Mon-Fri, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Salary depends on awesomeness and experience and starts in the $20-23/hour range DOE.

Who Shouldn’t Apply

Kryptonite deal-breakers for our Superhero are things like:

Having a “downer” attitude.

Feeling entitled.

Being intolerant, judgmental, or impatient with others.

Gossiping, arrogance, dishonesty, laziness, and/or questionable integrity.

Not accepting responsibility for your own actions.

You’re only looking for a paycheck and not a purpose.


We love to have fun at FMS. We also believe in and live what we sell. We work hard, play hard, care about each other and live by a set of values and standards that makes our company a fantastic place to learn, grow, contribute, and find fulfillment.

If this all sounds good, then take the next step and apply.  If not, no hard feelings at all. We realize this position is only for the right person.

Here’s How to Apply

  1. Write us a cover letter addressing all the following:
  2. Why you think you’re the person for this position. If you don’t have all of the relevant experience or skills, then tell us what makes you think you’d be great at this?
  3. What would this position have to pay to make it worth your while? Why?
  4. Describe your current or most recent position – what did you do and what did you like and not like?
  5. If you don’t have a job, explain why. If you do have one, explain why you’re looking elsewhere.
  6. What’s the hardest you’ve ever worked on something in your life? What was the result?
  7. What do you do for fun?
  8. Send us a recent resume.

Send both the cover letter and resume to [email protected]  Oh…and when you send the email, please include a cute smiley face in the subject line of your email, like this  : -) This is your first test to see if you are good at following simple directions, pay attention to details, and whether or not you even read this entire posting.

(Yes, there are some hoops to jump through for the application process. But we only want the right people on our team because this team is going very cool places. We hope you can understand.)

We look forward to hearing from you!

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