Welcome to the Fire Mountain Solar online learning toolbox, which includes (almost) everything you need to know about off grid, grid tie and DIY solar.

We also showcase some client stories and testimonials so you can see for yourself how it all works.

Articles are categorized by subject to the right, so have fun exploring!

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Getting Started With Solar

Interested in going solar but have a lot of questions? Here’s a good place to start.

DIY Solar

Want to be hands on with your solar project? We have lots of info to help you do it yourself.

Grid Tie Solar

Learn how you can save money, increase your independence and make a difference with grid tie solar.

Off Grid Solar

Thinking about living off the grid? Find out what you need to know to do off grid solar right.

Solar With Battery Backup (Grid Hybrid Solar)

Interested in a solar power system with energy storage for when the grid goes down? That’s grid hybrid solar.

Cost, Incentives, and Taxes

This section focuses on the financial topics of going solar, so you can decide if solar is the right investment for you.

Solar Equipment

Equipment specific information to help you choose, understand and maintain your solar power system. Find service and maintenance info here too.

Solar System Design and Installation

Got questions about the design and installation of a solar power system? Look here.

Solar Tools and Resources

Forms and info on calculating power use, cleaning solar panels, sun hours available in your area, and more. Also find our Project Information Form here to send us details about your DIY solar project.

Solar Consumer Protection

Most solar companies are reputable, but knowing how to recognize and protect yourself from the few that aren’t is important.

News & General Information

There’s always a lot going on in solar and at FMS, and we think some of it is worth sharing. Find that here.