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About Us: Fire Mountain Solar

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We’ll help you find the right alternative power solution to meet your specific goals, and we’ll make the process simple and stress-free. All of our clients have done it, and you can too! How can we serve you?

The home of the Nelson Family, founders of FMS, built long before solar went mainstream in the U.S. Originally operated off-grid, the power system was upgraded to be grid-hybrid after utility power made it to the end of the road 14 years later.


Trusted by Thousands of Home and Business Owners

We understand solar is an investment and that there are many qualified contractors for you to choose from. Since 2001, we’ve been trusted by thousands of residential and business clients, including:

Limits? Not here. Energy solutions for every lifestyle.

Need help finding a power solution for a unique situation?  We’ve been there!  FMS was founded after the owners purchased a rural piece of property with no utility power. Wanting to enjoy the beautiful setting but not wanting to live with the noise of a generator like their neighbors, they designed and installed a solar/wind/energy storage power solution where a generator served only as occasional supplemental backup. Fourteen years later when utility power finally made it to the end of the road, the power system was updated to what is considered the best of both worlds: a grid hybrid solar system that uses the automatic generator for recharging the lithium solar batteries (LiFePO4) when the utility goes down for extended periods. Learn more.

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At Fire Mountain Solar, we:

  • Believe in always doing the right thing just because it’s right.
  • Commit to doing everything we do in a thorough and responsible way.
  • Know it is a privilege and honor to be selected to assist our clients in fulfilling their specific power system goals.
  • Feel that serving and caring for our clients and our community is our real calling; providing power system solutions is just one of our opportunities to do that.
  • Regard authentic trust, mutual respect, and genuine cooperation as fundamental to the personal and professional success of all our team members and our clients.

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