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About Us: Fire Mountain Solar

Trusted by Hundreds of Home and Business Owners

We understand solar is an investment and that there are many qualified contractors for you to choose from. Since 2001, we’ve been trusted by hundreds of residential and business clients, including:

Interested in solar but not sure where to start?

Limits? Not here. Energy solutions for every lifestyle.

Fire Mountain Solar surpasses the capabilities of most solar installers in Washington. With our vast experience and knowledge, we excel at helping customers reduce their power bills and living expenses with a mainstream grid tie solar installation. Want power even when the grid goes down? We can provide you with a grid hybrid solar system that incorporates solar batteries, ensuring you have electricity even during utility outages. But our expertise doesn’t end there.

Going beyond mainstream solar – and the power lines

Need help finding a power solution for a unique situation?  We are Washington’s leading off grid solar power specialists. How can you have confidence in our claim?  Because it’s backed by our extensive personal and professional experience with off grid solar, and the reviews of our hundreds of satisfied off grid clients.

We Started Off Grid

FMS was founded after owners Tim & Alana Nelson purchased a rural piece of property in Skagit County in 1996 that had no access to utility power. Wanting to enjoy the beautiful setting but not wanting to live with the noise of a generator like their neighbors, they designed and installed a solar/wind/energy storage power solution where a generator served only as occasional supplemental backup. Over the many years since, we’ve helped countless clients find the best off grid power solution for their unique situation.

The best of both worlds

After 14 years off grid, utility power finally made it to the end of the road and the off grid power system was transitioned to a grid hybrid solar system. The new system incorporates an upgrade to higher wattage Made in Washington Silfab solar panels, an OutBack Radian GS8048A inverter system, RELiON Insight lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries, and incorporates the existing Kohler automatic propane generator. The Nelson’s now enjoy the convenience of utility power, but with low power bills and the security of emergency power when grid power fails.

Read more about the history of Nelson’s off grid and grid hybrid power systems.

Your Power, Your Way

It’s more than just a slogan; it represents our commitment to helping you find the right solar power or emergency backup option to meet your unique needs and objectives.  And we’ll make the process simple and stress-free. Whether you need grid tie solar, off grid solar, grid hybrid solar, or emergency backup power, our friendly and skilled team is ready to provide the support you need.

The Nelson home in rural Skagit County.

At Fire Mountain Solar, we:

  • Believe in always doing the right thing just because it’s right.
  • Commit to doing everything we do in a thorough and responsible way.
  • Know it is a privilege and honor to be selected to assist our clients in fulfilling their specific power system goals.
  • Feel that serving and caring for our clients and our community is our real calling; providing power system solutions is just one of our opportunities to do that.
  • Regard authentic trust, mutual respect, and genuine cooperation as fundamental to the personal and professional success of all our team members and our clients.

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