Solar Tools and Resources

Solar Tools and Resources

Forms and info on things like calculating your power use, cleaning your solar panels, and sun hours available in your area. You will also find our Project Information Form here to send us details about your DIY solar project.

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The Ultimate DIY Solar Kit Guide

Learn what it takes to install a solar system yourself. Get expert tips on solar design, production selection and system maintenance.

How to Clean Your Solar Panels

Dirt and grime can reduce the power you get from your solar panels. But it’s important to use the right tools and cleaning products to reduce the risk of damage.

Essential Loads in a Nutshell

Emergency backup power systems are independent sources of electrical power that support your essential loads when grid power is down.But what exactly is an essential load?

Researching Your Local Solar Requirements

Researching your local requirements before installing your DIY solar ensures your power system is safe, effective, and legally compliant.

DIY Solar Project Information Form

Interested in a Do It Yourself project? This Project Information Form gathers the necessary information to help us get started with your project.

Off Grid Solar Load Calculator – How Much Power Do I Use?

Not sure how much power you need? Use Fire Mountain Solar’s Off Grid Solar Load Calculator to determine your how much electricity you use.

Solar Insolation Map for Photovoltaics: Determining Your Peak Sun Hours

Knowing the average sun hours in your area is a key step in sizing your solar system. Our chart can help.

Solar Power FAQ

Thinking about going solar? Get answers to the our most frequently asked questions about solar.