Off Grid Solar Load Calculator – How Much Power Do I Use?

Off Grid Solar Load Calculator

When you’re living off the grid, the electricity used by every light bulb, charging cell phone, and appliance clock matters; a lot. If you use more electricity than your solar produces or than is stored in your batteries, you canā€™t just buy a little extra this month from your utility ā€“ you must generate it yourself, or off go the lights.

That’s why accurately estimating how much power you use is important information when sizing an off grid solar system.

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Use our Off Grid Solar Load Calculator to determine your usage.

Click Add Entry below to add an appliance or device. For things like light bulbs and cell phones you can guesstimate the quantity and hours per day of use. For appliances like refrigerators, water pumps and washing machines, the more accurate the information the better. You can use the Energy Star data, nameplate data and estimated usage, or contact the manufacturer for power use info.

Appliance Watts How Many? Total Watts Hours On per Day? Total Watt Hours per Day Actions

Now that you know how much power you will use, you can determine what size off grid solar system you need.

Want help? Provide your email and Fire Mountain Solar will estimate your off-grid system size based on the information you entered.

Please note: How much power you need to generate and store for off grid living can vary daily and seasonally based on factors like weather conditions and actual power use. The more accurate the information you start with, the better we can size a system to meet your expectations and goals.