Off Grid Solar

Off Grid Solar

Off grid solar power systems are more complex than the more common grid tie solar systems, so it’s important to have expert help when designing, selecting products, and installing off grid solar for your remote home or vacation cabin.

In this section, the solar energy experts at Fire Mountain Solar share helpful info from over two decades of personal and professional off grid experience to make going off the grid simple and stress free for you. Learn about:

– Getting An Off Grid Solar Quote
– How Much Does Off Grid Solar Cost?
– Off Grid Solar Equipment Basics
– Off Grid Solar Design
– Maintaining Your Off Grid Solar System

Our In Depth Guide to Off Grid Solar

For over 20 years, Fire Mountain Solar has been helping people go off grid solar at sites where it is impossible or cost prohibitive to bring in utility power.  An off grid solar system can provide the power to run lights, water pumps, computers and more. That means you can enjoy the comfort and security electricity provides, even when you’re far away from the grid.

Living Off the Grid Means You Are Your Own Power Company

When you’re not connected to the grid, you must generate enough electricity to power your home, and you need to store energy in solar batteries for nights and when your solar panels aren’t producing enough power to run your loads. Most off grid solar systems also include a backup generator to supplement the power your solar panels provide during extended periods of inclement weather, and for when you need to use more power than your solar panels can produce.

Already connected to the grid but want battery backup for emergencies while reducing your utility bill?

READ ABOUT:  Grid tie solar with battery backup, also called grid hybrid solar.

Fire Mountain Solar offers DIY solar kits designed to ensure you get the power you need – day and night. Every DIY solar kit we sell can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

Need off grid solar but don’t want to install it yourself?

If you’re in Washington state we offer full service off grid solar installations. Not in Washington? We can provide the products and support your local contractor needs to install your off grid power system right.

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