Solar Battery Safety

Battery Safety for Renewable Energy Applications

It is important to understand that batteries cannot be turned off, making it critical that proper precautions and battery safety measures are taken at all times. Misuse of batteries can result in serious injury, or death, as well as equipment damage. It’s best to post warning signs to keep unauthorized persons away from potentially dangerous equipment.

Personal Protection

  • Make sure you are wearing appropriate eye protection and gloves before touching a battery.
  • Remove any jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, or watches.
  • Wash hands thoroughly after any contact with a battery.
  • Use proper lifting techniques when transporting batteries as some can weigh in excess of 100 lbs.

Product Protection

  • Never allow any spark or flame near batteries.Battery Bank
  • Always use insulated tools.
  • Never set tools on top of batteries, even for a moment.
  • Ensure clearance requirements are strictly enforced.
  • Make sure the area around your batteries is free of any debris.
  • Allow for proper ventilation.
  • Always make sure the overcurrent protection and conductors are properly sized.
  • Do not perform any servicing on the batteries other than what is specified in the manufacturer’s installation manual.
  • Never charge a frozen battery.
  • Make sure batteries are kept in a well-insulated box or room to prevent freezing.
  • Verify all charging parameters are set to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • For flooded batteries, make sure you refill with distilled water only.
  • Use the manufacturer’s recommended torque settings when tightening the battery terminal connections.

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