Solar Batteries

Solar Batteries

Batteries are a key component in off grid and emergency backup power systems. But with all the energy storage chemistries available – lead acid, AGM, gel, lithium ion, lithium iron phosphate – how do you know which solar battery is best suited for your specific application? Whether you need batteries for off grid solar, for backup power for your grid tie solar system (grid hybrid solar), or want emergency power without solar panels, our battery guides will help you understand the benefits and limitations of the most frequently used types of solar batteries.

Why You Should Upgrade Your Existing Solar Batteries to Lithium

When it comes time to replace your lead acid or AGM solar batteries, there are many good reasons to consider upgrading to lithium solar batteries.

Making The Grade With Lithium Solar Batteries

Considering lithium batteries for a grid hybrid or off grid solar system? Find out why some cheap lithium solar batteries may not be a great deal after all.

Best Batteries for Emergency Backup Power

Lithium battery fires in cell phones and planes have been in the news in recent years. Can lithium batteries be used safely for off grid or backup power?

Solar Battery Don’ts – FLA & AGM Batteries

Batteries are an investment, so be sure to avoid these no nos with your Flooded Lead Acid and Absorbed Glass Mat solar batteries.

Home Backup Battery FAQ

Want to learn more about home battery backup? Read FMS’s home backup battery FAQ that includes the most commonly asked questions regarding batteries.

Deep Cycle Batteries for Off Grid

Want to know how to find the best deep cycle batteries for off grid power? Knowing the different types of off grid batteries can help, and so can we!

Choosing the Right Maintenance Free Solar Battery

Know how to choose the right maintenance free solar battery for your grid hybrid or off grid solar power system.

Connecting RELiON Batteries in Series and Parallel

Get the most out of your RELiON lithium iron phosphate batteries. Learn about doing series and parallel connections with RELiON Batteries for Solar.

Solar Battery FAQs – LiFePO4/LFP

Do you have lithium solar battery questions? Get answers to our most frequently asked questions about lithium solar battery applications.

Lithium Batteries for Solar

Lithium batteries are a real game changer for grid hybrid and off grid solar systems. But not all lithium chemistries are created equal.

Basic Battery Charging – Whole House Battery Backup

Interested in batteries for solar? Learn what you need to know about battery charging so that you can keep your solar battery bank healthy.

Solar Battery Safety

It is important to know how know battery safety basics for your battery-based system. Read our suggestions on how to safely perform battery maintenance.

Basic Battery Terminology for Solar Power Systems

Battery jargon can make researching batteries confusing. Here we have defined basic battery terminology that is commonly used to aid you in your research.