Deep Cycle Batteries for Off Grid

Deep Cycle Batteries for Off Grid

Deep cycle batteries are a key component in off-grid solar electric systems. Without batteries, you will not have power when your off-grid power system is not producing enough electricity, like at night or on dark days, unless you run your generator continuously. Likewise, for grid tie or emergency backup power systems (with or without solar), when your utility goes out so do all your appliances, unless you run a generator day and night.

Selecting the Right Off Grid Battery is Important!

Flooded lead Acid Batteries for Off Grid (FLA)

Flooded deep cycle lead acid batteries are the most common type used for off-grid power systems. They are cost effective and are designed for the frequent charging and discharging (cycling) of most off-grid solar power systems. The main downside of flooded batteries is they require regular maintenance, water replacement and equalization.

Sealed, Maintenance Free Batteries for Off Grid

We recommend the gel or absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries (sealed batteries) where the more cost-effective flooded deep cycle batteries are not suitable: locations where the batteries will be exposed to very low temperatures, where regular maintenance is not practical or when they are only used for emergency power. They require very limited maintenance; however, they typically store less energy and are less durable in applications that require frequent cycling.

Lithium Batteries for Off Grid

Lithium batteries are a technology unlike other energy storage solutions; they can be discharged to 0% without having any damaging effects whereas discharging a lead acid battery more than 50% can cause damage. There are two types of lithium batteries currently used in whole home backup power systems: Lithium Ion (Li-Ion), and Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) also called Lithium Ferrophosphate (LFP). LiFePO4 technology is a different lithium technology that is significantly different than Li-Ion batteries. It has a longer cycle life, lower cost, lower-toxicity, longer-term stability, and is generally considered safer. Because of this, Fire Mountain Solar only sells LiFePO4 batteries.

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