Solar Consumer Protection

Solar Consumer Protection

Most solar companies are reputable, but knowing how to recognize and protect yourself from the few that aren’t is important.

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Is Solar Net Metering Ending in Washington?

Some solar companies are urging people to buy now before net metering ends in Washington. Know what’s really going on before signing with a shady installer.

Why You Should Be Skeptical of Door-to-Door Solar Sales Pitches

Solar is very popular in Washington, making our state attractive to companies that may just be out for a fast buck. Learn about more recent sales tactics to beware of.

Is 2022 REALLY Your Last Chance to Go Solar?

Marketing companies can get very creative when trying to get your attention. And some can be downright misleading, and even deceptive.

Claiming the Solar Tax Credit for Your New Roof

Some solar companies say you can include the cost of your new roof when claiming the federal solar tax credit. But that advice could end you up in hot water.

Don’t Get Swindled: Signs of Misleading Solar Contractors

Protect yourself with tips for telling the difference between a reputable solar contractor and the increasing number of scoundrels just out for a fast buck.

Questions to Ask Before Selecting Your Solar Installer

Selecting your solar installer is a big decision. Be prepared to ask the right questions to help you choose the best solar installer for you.