Questions to Ask Before Selecting Your Solar Installer

Questions To Ask Before Selecting Your Solar Installer

Going solar is one of the smartest investments people are making to reduce their ongoing living expenses, increase the value of their home, be more energy independent, and to reduce their carbon footprint. Because of the stronger than ever demand, the number of contractors offering solar is booming.

You’ve done your research and found some of the contractors serving your area who seem reputable. But you’re not exactly sure what you should ask before requesting a solar proposal from 2-3 companies to make sure all your quotes come from contractors with the experience and customer satisfaction record that you want and deserve.

Here are a few questions we encourage you to ask:

Grid Tie Solar SystemObvious Questions to Ask a Solar Installer:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Are you fully licensed, bonded, and insured solar installer?
  • What type of system do you recommend for me and why?
  • Do you warranty your work?
  • Can you provide client references or testimonials?


Not-so-Obvious Questions to Ask a Solar Installer:

  • How much experience do you have with this kind of installation?
  • How are your designs done? If you use an outside designer, why?
  • How much experience does your designer have with this type of system?
  • Which products are you recommending for my system and why?
  • How much experience do you have working with my utility?
    What sets you apart from other solar contractors?
  • If you’re in Washington, ask if their company is a member of the Washington Solar Energy Industries Association (WASEIA). If the person doesn’t know, they likely aren’t. If they say they’re not members, ask them why. WASEIA members commit to the highest standards for ethics and workmanship, and WASEIA works hard to promote legislation and policies that protect consumers and make solar accessible to all Washingtonians. Wouldn’t any reputable company want to be a member? (Outside WA, ask if they are a member of their state’s SEIA chapter, or a member of the national SEIA organization.)
  • What question(s) have I not asked that I should ask?

Grid Tie Solar Clients Pose with Their SystemThe best solar installers offer:

  • Workmanship warranties
  • Selective use of subcontractors & close oversight
  • Experienced design teams with real-world experience implementing their designs with clients
  • A history of satisfied clients – they can provide testimonials, references, and examples of their work
  • Equipment recommendations based on industry experience
  • A variety of solutions (that they have experience with) or customizable options

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For over 23 years Fire Mountain Solar has been committed to helping clients find the right power system solution to meet their goals. We understand that solar is an investment, and that there are many qualified contractors for you to choose from. We would be honored to have the opportunity to discuss your full service or DIY solar project with you and to work hard to earn your trust and your business.

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