DIY Solar

DIY Solar

Draw from our more than two decades of experience helping hands on solar enthusiasts successfully install their own solar power systems. We help you determine if DIY solar is right for you, how to save money when installing solar yourself, and so much more.

Want to DIY solar but need a little help? Use our Project Information Form to provide details on what you need.

Solar Income Tax Credit Extended Through 2034!

Exciting news for those who want to go solar. The Solar ITC was extended through 2034, and increased to 30% through 2032.

Solar for Tiny Homes

Solar power works similarly for tiny homes as it does for the average home, however some flexibility is necessary. Though space for equipment is a constraint, there are options available to you.

DIY Off Grid Power: How Much Does It Cost?

Want to DIY solar but not sure what it might cost? Our guide provides ballpark pricing to help you decide if DIY solar is right for you.

5 Ways to Save Money on a DIY Grid Hybrid System

5 Ways to Save Money on a DIY Grid Hybrid System Being without power during a utility outage can disrupt many aspects of your life, but with emergency backup or grid hybrid power you can have electricity even when your utility power fails. Since the price of backup power can add up, we’ve compiled a [...]

Researching Your Local Requirements

Researching your local requirements before installing your DIY solar ensures your power system is safe, effective, and legally compliant.

What is Included in a FMS DIY Solar Kit?

At Fire Mountain Solar, there are more to our DIY kits than just the products inside. Tailored to your goals, you are in complete control of your DIY solar kit.

Project Information Form

Interested in a Do It Yourself project? This Project Information Form gathers the necessary information to help us get started with your project.

Pole and Ground-Mounted DIY Solar

Pole and Ground-Mounted DIY Solar systems are great options for do it yourselfers. Fire Mountain Solar’s guide provides important details you’ll need to handle.

Is Solar a Good Investment?

Many people ask us, Is Solar a Good Investment? The short answer is Yes! Find out why solar is one of the most secure investments you can make.

Access Solar Load Calculator – How Much Power Do I Use?

Not sure how much energy you use? Use Fire Mountain Solar’s Off Grid Solar Load Calculator to determine your power usage.

How To Compare DIY Solar Kits

Not all DIY solar kits are created equal. Learn how to compare solar kits from different suppliers to make sure you’re getting the best overall value.

Consider This Before You DIY Solar

Do-It-Yourself solar is a great option for those with the desire to have total control over their power system project from start to finish.

Steps to DIY Solar

Want to go solar and do it yourself? Our Steps to DIY Solar can help make the process easy. Fire Mountain Solar excels in DIY solar installer support.

Incentives for Solar

Incentives like the federal ITC, net metering and REAP grants help make going solar an excellent investment.