Consider This Before You DIY Solar

Consider This Before You DIY Solar

While some solar companies discourage doing it yourself, Fire Mountain Solar specializes in working with DIY solar clients. Do-It-Yourself solar is a great option for those with the desire to have total control over their power system project from start to finish.

DIY Solar Client Greg Baughman

Still, there are many things that a full-service contractor does that may not be obvious to an average consumer. If you want to install your solar system yourself these “behind the scenes” tasks become a part of your responsibility. Someone with general construction and electrical skills can do the physical installation of the solar themselves, but what about…

  • Calculating electrical loads or historical consumption?
  • System Production Calculations?
  • System Design?
  • The utility interconnection application and approval process?
  • Permitting the installation?
  • Determining how much standard electrical wire, etc. is needed for the project and getting it all to the site in preparation for installation.
  • Inspection processes?
  • Programming and/or activating system components?

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Yes You Can DIY Solar

Do It Yourself Solar
DIY Solar Client Dan O’Neill

With so much information available on the internet (and not all of it reliable) it is easy to get overwhelmed with choices, data, and advice. This is why it is vital to select a reputable and knowledgeable support team to help guide you through the maze of equipment and system options, as well as one that can provide resources to help with the non-product related tasks associated with going solar.

To best serve our clients’ needs, Fire Mountain Solar offers a full range of pre-designed DIY solar kits. We can also custom tailor a design and kit if that will better meet your goals. We also offer “a la carte” service options for additional assistance where you need it. That way you get the best prices on your equipment, and you can select the value-added services you want without paying for what you don’t need.

We provide free basic design services prior to product purchase, and basic installation and technical support with the purchase of products from us. Once you have the basics, you can choose any or all of the additional services you want, while still saving money by installing your solar yourself.

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Some of the additional services we can provide:

  1. Detailed Custom Designs and Drawings
  2. Installation Training
  3. Utility Interconnection Research and Paperwork Assistance
  4. Permitting and Inspection Tips
  5. Help with System Programming and Monitoring Setup
  6. Technical Support and Troubleshooting

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Save Money with DIY Solar

Though many people install their own solar power system just because they love being hands on with their home improvement projects, most people DIY solar to save money. And you definitely can. However, it’s important to remember that the difference in a full service solar installation and a DIY solar kit isn’t just the labor to put the solar on the roof. Remember to factor in the cost and value of the things you don’t see:

  • Standard electrical materials like wire and conduit, plus your time and fuel to get everything you need to your site.
  • Permits and other fees required by your local jurisdiction.
  • Your time learning not only how to install the solar, but also for completing permit and utility paperwork and working with inspectors and permit departments. When you hire a contractor you pay for their expertise. Many people find the value a solar contractor provides is more than worth the additional cost.

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