Washington Passes Solar Consumer Protection Act

Washington Lawmakers Pass Solar Consumer Protection Act

Deciding whether or not to purchase a solar power system is a significant and sometimes complex decision. And with a growing number of installers competing for your business, it can be difficult to determine which ones are trustworthy and skilled. It can also be challenging to evaluate system recommendations and understand contract terms.

That’s why Fire Mountain Solar commends Washington lawmakers for the successful passage of the “Solar Consumer Protection Act.” This significant law, developed by the Washington State Department of Commerce (DOC), integrates valuable input from the Washington Solar Energy Industries Association (WASEIA). WASEIA’s proposed changes to the bill’s language were carefully considered to strike a balance between safeguarding consumers and avoiding excessive burdens on the industry.

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Solar consumer protection billboardWhat Does the Solar Consumer Protection Act Do?

Washington’s Solar Consumer Protection Act introduces new requirements that mandate transparent and equitable business conduct. It streamlines the process of comparing competitive quotes, ensuring a fair and straightforward evaluation. Additionally, it provides a comprehensive overview of consumer rights. The legislation also empowers the Attorney General’s office with enhanced authority to penalize non-compliant companies.

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Bill highlights that matter to you:

  1. Licensing Requirement: Entities selling, designing, or installing solar systems over $1,000 must be licensed.
  2. Transparent Contracts: Accurate and detailed representation of scope of work, costs, financing terms, warranties, and system performance projections in writing.
  3. Rescission Rights: Customers can cancel contracts within three days of signing without penalty.
  4. No Upfront Payments: Contractors can only charge payments after the rescission period ends.
  5. Interconnection Approval: Solar systems must be approved by the electric utility for compliance and safety before the installation begins.
  6. Enhanced Options for Recourse: If you experience any issues with your solar project that your contractor is unable to address to your satisfaction, you can seek assistance from the Washington Attorney General’s office. They have been granted increased power to enforce the regulations outlined in this legislation and are ready to help.

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Fire Mountain Solar – Working to Protect Consumers Since 2001

WASEIA member logoFire Mountain Solar (FMS), is one of Washington’s oldest solar contracting companies, and is dedicated to doing solar right. As an example of their commitment, Alana Nelson, one of the co-owners, was a co-founder of Solar Installers of Washington (SIW), the original industry association in the state. Nelson served on the SIW board for more than six years, actively participating in the development of legislation and the establishment of high industry standards. Currently, she holds a position on the board of WASEIA, the successor organization to SIW. Through her efforts, Alana Nelson embodies FMS’s unwavering dedication to providing outstanding solar solutions and exceptional customer service.

Since our founding, Fire Mountain Solar has been committed to educating the people of Washington about the immense benefits of solar energy. We strive to provide reliable and clear information to prospective customers, enabling them to make informed decisions about investing in solar power. Our objective is to be recognized as an exceptionally reputable and skilled solar contractor that is deeply rooted in our community. When you choose Fire Mountain Solar, you can be fully confident in our integrity and expertise.

WASEIA Members – Setting the Bar High

WASEIA and its members are committed to upholding the highest standards of ethics and workmanship, as defined in the WASEIA Code of Conduct. Local solar installers join WASEIA in order to establish themselves as reputable and skilled contractors who are deeply invested to their local community, ensuring their long-term success.