Site Survey Checklist

Site Survey Checklist

Schedule Your Appointment

Call us to schedule your free site survey. Because we will need access to interior and exterior areas of your home, please plan to be there.

Electric Bill ExampleHave a Copy of Your Electric Bill Ready

To make sure we can provide you with a design based on your actual power consumption, please have a copy of your electric bill available that shows 12 months of historical usage.

Clear Access to Any Electrical Panels

We will need to take a look at your main electrical panel (also called a “breaker box”) and may need to briefly remove the cover to identify wiring. Make sure that FMS can easily access your panel.

Ensure there is Safe Roof Access

FMS will need to verify the measurements, sun exposure, and details of your roof to ensure an effective and safe system. We will need a safe area to place a ladder to reach the roof.

Identify Any Unique Property Features

It is important that you let us know about anything that may require additional time or equipment to survey. Things like 240v circuits, well pumps, and current renewable energy equipment, or if you have areas you want to consider for ground mounting the solar system.

Home with SolarConfirm Your Appointment

Life happens, and so does weather that makes getting on a roof unsafe. Our team will confirm your appointment again the day before the survey. Make sure you respond so we know you’re ready to meet with us!

Have a Great Survey!

Let us know what questions you have. We’re here to help!

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