Other Topics

Other Topics

Not everything Fire Mountain Solar does fits under our main categories. In this section, you’ll find useful information about emergency backup power systems, solar water pumps, and other topics that don’t necessarily relate specifically to solar power, panels, and solar kits.

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Solar Income Tax Credit Extended Through 2034!

Exciting news for those who want to go solar. The Solar ITC was extended through 2034, and increased to 30% through 2032.

Outback Power Technical Support

Need Outback Power technical support? Our support team has the expertise to help with your Outback Power equipment needs.

Emergency Backup Power Systems for Homes and Business

Emergency Backup Power Systems for Homes and Business What is an Emergency Backup Power System? An EBPS is an independent source of electrical power that supportsĀ essentialĀ electrical loads on loss of normal power supply.Ā  It is installed toĀ protect propertyĀ andĀ provide a moderate level ofĀ comfort and convenienceĀ during a power outage. Ā An essential load is anything that is really [...]

Solar Water Pumps

Need help with solar water pumps or designing a system to power one? We can help you find the solution that will best fit your application AND your budget.