Jax Nelson

Jax Nelson

Self-Appointed Alarm System

Jax joined the FMS team in January 2018 at the tender age of 2.5 months old. He is a Doberman Shpound (Dobie/Shepherd/Hound mix). We also think he is part horse because his legs are so long. Jax is originally from Enumclaw WA where he was born in a foster home his mom was in after some very nice people moved her up from a shelter in California

Jax has assigned himself the responsibility of loudly announcing the arrival of clients, delivery trucks and letting us know the wind is blowing. He loves meetings, especially when they involve his toys. You will often find his very large body taking up every inch under Tim’s desk.

Jax enjoys chasing our resident deer, stealing Mia’s chew toys, and play dates with any other dog big or small.

Fun facts about Jax:

He bites water while playing in it.

His favorite game is to chase the little red laser light around the yard at dusk.