John Cassinerio

John Cassinerio

Solar Installer

In 2021, John and his wife of 34 years, Sandy, embarked on a personal journey to learn all about living a sustainable, self-sufficient lifestyle by educating themselves on a variety of natural building workshops. Their journey included spending a month learning how to build an Earthship in Taos, NM, and traveling to Reno, NV to learn all about building with cob/adobe. Their goal is to use this knowledge to build an off-grid homestead on their property in rural Skagit County, Washington.

John’s passion for renewable energy was established during this time, and resulted in “Phase 1” of their homestead project – living off the grid in 390 square feet of living space between their RV and their “cabin”, with solar being the main energy source for their very efficient lifestyle.  A generator is used as a supplemental power source. Phase 2, their main structure build, began in 2022.

A self-educated YouTuber, the chance to expand his knowledge and experience working for a small, local company owned by pioneers of the Washington solar industry was an opportunity John couldn’t pass up.  He is excited to provide customers the ability to produce their own energy and take control of their own power needs.  John looks forward to assisting and educating Fire Mountain Solar clients, and is dedicated to providing the exceptional customer service and high quality workmanship that builds lasting customer relationships.

Prior to beginning his renewable energy journey, John was in the retail management world for over 28 years within the tire industry where he cut his teeth on excellence in customer service and all other aspects of running a successful business.  Regardless of the product, customer satisfaction is at the heart of every successful business.  John brings that wealth of experience and commitment to his work at FMS.

Away from FMS, John enjoys working with his wife on their property, developing a greenhouse and garden, checking out the latest Marvel movie/show, listening to “classic rock” (yes, John’s old enough that he was able to see “all the cool bands”!) and taking long walks with their puppies.  John feels very fortunate to be able to live and work in the beautiful Skagit Valley and help those in his local community achieve their solar power goals.

Random facts about John:

In 2019 John ran the Boston Marathon as a charity runner for The Massage Therapy Foundation in just under 5 hours.  This was his first and ONLY marathon! He’s happy to have survived! 

John and Sandy have a custom “Alien Queen” statue signed by Sigourney Weaver!