Mia Nelson

Mia Nelson

The Crazy Lady

Mia joined the FMS team in mid-March 2019. Originally from Texas, Mia was homeless until a very patient and kind lady gave her and her babies a temporary place to stay. After that Mia was lucky to get a ride to the Skagit Valley with our friends from Project Freedom Ride, where she became a very spoiled member of the Nelson family.

Mia is very sweet but a bit neurotic at home or the office around anyone other than her family. Her favorite roles are assisting Jax with announcing guests, leading the hiking team, and being Alana’s bodyguard.

When not busy in the office Mia loves to track every single critter that has passed through the yard, go on long walks with her family, and obsessively follow the cats around the house.

Fun facts about Mia:

She is an extremely fast runner and VERY agile.

She chatters her teeth when she is scared or excited.