Tim Nelson

Tim Nelson

Founder, Co-Owner, Sales and Installation Manager

After building an off-grid solar and wind powered home in western Washington and living the off-grid lifestyle for more than two years, in 2000 Tim Nelson accepted a position as a sales representative for an out of state solar product dealer. During his first year, Tim helped his neighbors who were powering their rural homes using generators and batteries move to a quieter, cleaner way to generate electricity. Excited by this experience and recognizing the need and possibilities for alternative and renewable power systems, he founded Fire Mountain Solar LLC (FMS) in 2001.

Now, many years and thousands of full service and DIY off-grid and grid tie projects later, Tim has built a strong reputation within the industry and with clients for his exceptional knowledge, expertise, and experience. Tim is recognized in particular for being an industry-leading expert, both professionally and personally, on battery-based and off-grid power systems.

For 14 years Tim and his family lived off the grid, and the nearby FMS office was operated off-grid. In late 2014 utility power was extended the extra mile, and both power systems were converted to grid tie with battery and generator backup, broadening his personal experience of living with solar power systems.

Outside of work Tim’s favorite thing is spending time with his immediate and extended family. He enjoys target shooting, eating Alana’s cooking, and farming on a miniature scale (gardening).

Random facts about Tim:

“I am addicted to the TV shows NCIS and Castle. 

I love ice cream on top of cinnamon rolls.”